Mojo’s Lounge – Best Cocktail in Yolo County

Whiskey Sour, Mojo’s Lounge, May 2019

Here we are again, wherein I go to a bar in cocktail in the hopes that they can make a cocktail and then rate it against the actual cocktail and my own amatuer attempt at the drink!

So, how does Mojo’s Lounge in Woodland do? Unfortunately not well. Let’s get into it.

Mojo’s Lounge – The Review

Taste (2/10) – It tastes so bad. Bad lemon taste and bad whiskey taste

Presentation (1/5) – This is way to bright. It almost looks like Mountain Dew. Unnaturally yellow.

Balance (1/5) – It’s a mess. Bad tasting from beginning to end.

Correctness (1/5) – Just wrong. No orange, no egg, not shaken, I’m pretty sure they bartender used a pre-made sour mix?!

Delivery (2/x) – Friendly, no flash, seemed slightly confused. Quick.

Total (7/15) – No bueno.

What a disappointment. Mojo’s is such a cool place right off of Main Street in Woodland. The food is good and it was bust on a Thursday evening! I really wish they had got this right. Which I know they can do, because…

New York Sour, Mojo’s Lounge, May 2019

On Mojo’s speciality cocktail menu for Spring 2019 is a “New York Sour” which is a Whiskey Sour with Rye whiskey and a float of Cabernet. After drinking the Whiskey Sour I ordered this drink sans Cabernet. And it was just a Whiskey Sour!? Even the cherry garnish was better! Egg white? Yes. Fresh lemon juice? Yes. Simply Syrup? Yes. All it was missing was the orange slice. If they had made this for me when I ordered the Whiskey Sour, hands down, it would be winning this competition. By a large margin.

Just makes me sad. Why serve this trash cocktail when you clearly know how to make it correct?


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