Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Twelve

Day 9 Dawns

Bright and beautiful! It seems Shapier can’t throw anything at our hero that he can’t handle! He would be on top of the world! Garcon ventures forth into the city to collect the praise of its people and then to stab something:

If you are asking yourself why am I spending so much time fighting with Uhura it’s because when it comes to grinding it’s the most exciting picture I could post. Seeing static shots of Perseii running, or throwing rocks or casting spells at nothing or climbing ropes or picking locks on doors that are all barred isn’t all that exciting… It does all pay off though:

Do you guys remember that tree? The one all by itself to the far east of Shapier? The one that looked like a lady? This one:

Jackson is really curious about it and he has decided to do something about it now. Since he doesn’t know anything he’ll consult the local expert on everything, Aziza.

What a tragic story. But, it does look like we can do something about it! Soonish… Back in town Garcon eats his last ration, which means he will now starve. Except, he knows some kattas in the fountain plaza who sell some primo jerky of some sort he bargains with the two of them to get some:

After finding out more about the tree, Perseii spends the remainder of the day working on his skills! Then goes to bed.

Day 10 and 11 and 12



Day 12

Status Update:

Hrm, I’m a little rusty on what Harik and Aziza said about the element earth and the monsters one could make with it, guess I better check back in:

bargain powder

Will he buy it?

Earth Elemental

Now to find the damn thing…

If I’m hearing the meowlings of the Katta correctly unlike the last two elementals the Earth Elemental can only be found in the maze-like streets of the city. Garcon has the explosive powder (he also has fire bolt…) he just needs something to put the mess in when he is done:

“Just the thing!”

Perseii blackmails the Katta into giving him a deal on the bag:

Into the streets, where Jackson wanders for some time, until:

As soon as the elemental approaches him Garcon starts tossing explosive powder as fast as he can it took two doses of the stuff to take the big lug down:

The big guy is easy enough to collect into the bag now that it has disincorporated…

Healing the Tree that was a Woman

Aziza said we were missing something we needed to help the tree last time, I think Perseii just got it so let’s head back to her and pick up where she left off last time:

On his way out to the tree the guard at the gate hands Jackson a note:

We’ll follow up with the Dervish after we deal with Julanar:

give water

tell about yourself

give earth

tell about earth

“I’m just kidding about that being afraid thing… Seriously!”

The Beast

give hug

Okay, with that done let’s go see what the Dervish wants:

Unhelpful as always… Okay, I have a confession to make. I forgot how this particular puzzle works so I jumped the gun on it. The note that the guard gives you to see the Dervish is a trigger to get the Dervish to tell you about the ‘puzzle’ and the ‘five W’s.’ He didn’t do that this time though because I’ve already grilled him on it multiple times. If you need a refresher on what he said go back to early posts. Basically he said to go to a spot in the desert and check it out. We can get the info on where to go before the guard gives us the message but the thing there doesn’t actually appear before the guard delivers the message. So, we do and on the way there we meet:

Shortly after meeting the terrorSaurus we fill it full of holes:

We finally get to the spot in the desert the Dervish was talking about and find:

The Beast, continued

Doesn’t seem to be much we can do for the creature every time we get close it attacks the cage. Feeling sorry for the hideous thing Garcon leaves some water out for it and then returns to question the Dervish:

“Harik, huh? Check!”

Then he asked him about the dispel potion and he told me he needed some rare ingredients, that Perseii just so happened to have on him:

Jackson thinks he has everything he needs to help the beast but just to make sure he checks in with Aziza:

Healing the Beast

Garcon wants plenty of time to do this right so he calls it a day and returns to the end to rest.

First thing in the morning he returns to the cage:

(click to watch)

With that over with Perseii spends the rest of the day building up his skills and waiting for the next disaster to strike… He thinks it’s going to be water related.

Until next week!


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