Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Seventeen

Breaking Out with Nothing but a Prayer and… Uhmm, THIS!

So, what does Garçon have on him?

Just a pin, huh? That’s not much help… Wait, the Katta gave it to me maybe it means something? Perseii shows it to the grumpy imprisoned katta:

Jackson goes to check out the lock:

“maybe this pin will work?”

use pin

Free, free at last! … Ah, crap!

Before Garçon makes his exit he picks up all his stuff:

“Okay, I think I just turn down “Ignorance…” road and if I follow it I’ll be at the Dead Parrot Inn in no time!”

“Crap, spotted!”

That’s not good…

I should have made a video of this…

Blah, blah, blah

We sure are learning a lot though, huh?

Finally, it’s Garçon’s time to shine!

use mirror

We’re finally back in control of ourselves, but exhausted. Find out what lies within the Hidden City next week!

Author: Jonathon

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