D Street Steakhouse – Best Cocktail in Yolo County

D Street Steakhouse Whiskey Sour
Whiskey Sour, D Street Steakhouse, Davis, 2019

D Street Steakhouse – The Review

Taste (4/10) –Inoffensive. Watery. Hints of sour at the end. Strange aftertaste? Don’t know if it is the whiskey or the lemon juice. Offputting.

Presentation (3/5) – Half garnished. Not much color.

Balance (2/5) – Not a lot to say here. There are some whiskey highlights and then some lemon highlights. But it’s all mild and washed down/out.

Correctness (2/5) – No egg white. No orange slice. Bartender offered to add a lime wedge? Drink was neither shaken or stirred.

Delivery (0/x) – Made half the drink. Did something else. Came back to it. Seemed distracted.

Total (12/25) – Not the worst I’ve had. Not the best. Aggressively mediocre. Instantly forgettable.

Floradora, D Street Steakhouse
Floradora, D Street Steakhouse, Davis, 2019

The Floradora cocktail was good. I’ve never had it before though so, I don’t have a comparison. It was more drinkable and enjoyable than the Whiskey Sour!


D Street Steakhouse
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STAR**** **OOP**S: Surreal Space Poetry – Page 53

Star Oops 53
Starship Trooper Bard, Dean Stahl, 2019

I learned
Not to draw
[On] sleep.

Impression[s] of
Meanness, sadism,
Fiendish delight.

People suffer.
Not for pleasure.
Unimpassioned, the
Art of cutting and blood.
Without prejudice.

Star Oops 53
Page 53, Starship Troopers, poetified.


STAR**** **OOP**S – A Hiatus

Starship Trooper Bard, Dean Stahl, 2019

I started this project seven years ago, all the way back in 2012. Since then, I’ve managed to do 53 pages of the book. About one-fifth.

Needless to say a lot has changed in seven years. My life is completely different. I think the only constant from then to now is this blog? Though, it’s gone through at least three iterations since then.

The point I’m avoiding making is that I don’t feel the same energy and excitement about this program as I did when I started it. If I am being honest with myself – it feels a lot like work. I don’t want my creative projects to feel like work. I don’t want to invest my free time into something that only makes me feel bad. Bad about not doing it and bad when I am doing it.

That isn’t an outlet for creativity but a crucible for generating resentment and disappointment. For now, I think it is best that I put this book back on the shelf until I feel like coming back to it with new eyes and new vigor.

I’ve got one more of these that is already done, I’ve been sitting on it since July, that will go up next week. Then it’s time for a rest and to pursue some things that I am looking forward to.

Thank you.

Seasons – Best Cocktail in Yolo County

Whiskey Sour Seasons
Whiskey Sour, Seasons, Davis, 2019

Seasons – The Review

Taste (5/10) – Real sour. There is some sweet in here but it is overshadowed by the sour. Everything is. Tart and fresh.

Presentation (4/5) – Looks lovely. Light straw color. Bright pop of the maraschino cherry. Not much foam.

Balance (3/5) – Sour is the dominant note on this one. Lots of ice also subdues everything.

Correctness (4/5) – Almost there! Only thing missing is the orange peel. Lemon slice is close but not quite there.

Delivery (2/x) – Simple and friendly. Asked if I wanted the egg white.

Total (18/25) – This was a good Whiskey Sour, and I’m not going to disparage that. It wasn’t a great or amazing one. But, it was an ACTUAL Whiskey Sour and that appears to be something of a rarity here in Yolo County so I’m going to recognize it. Not the best I’ve had so, far from the worst though.

Whiskey Sour Seasons
Mystery cocktail, Seasons, Davis, 2019


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