Mikuni – Best Cocktail in Yolo County

If I wasn’t doing this for SCIENCE, I wouldn’t have kept drinking. Also, if it wasn’t for the Server being up front with me about the drink this would have been tied for the worst cocktail

Whiskey Sour, Mikuni, Davis, CA, Spring 2022

Mikuni – The Review

Taste (3/10) – Tastes like bad lemon juice. The Server said it was going to be made with sour mix, but they didn’t warn me it was the cheap stuff. Just a hint of the whiskey on the back of the throat.

Presentation (1/5) – No garnish. Correct glass. Looks like dirty bath water. Not a lot to say because there wasn’t a lot to look at.

Balance (2/5) – Mostly the sour mix as I said in Taste. There is an aftertaste of whiskey, or maybe just the alcohol once you’ve swallowed. Hard to tell. Very weak.

Correctness (1/5) –Not correct, except for the glass. No garnish, no egg white, not lemon juice. I didn’t even see them make it so for all I know there’s no whiskey in there either!

Delivery (4/x) – The Server was up front with me when I ordered this drink. They said this was not going to be a craft cocktail, “no fresh juice, or egg white.” He wasn’t lying! I’m going to give them some credit for that. Every other poorly reviewed cocktail in this has just been presented without comment as if it WAS correct!

Total (11/25) – If I wasn’t doing this for SCIENCE, I wouldn’t have kept drinking. Also, if it wasn’t for the Server being up front with me about the drink this would have been tied for the worst cocktail.

Absolut Lychee Shock, Mikuni, Davis, CA, Spring 2022

Thoughts – I paid over $10.00 for this Whiskey Sour, and that’s using their “well” liquor, that’s wild! It also tasted terrible. As I usually do now, I ordered one of the signature cocktails off their menu, an Absolut Lychee Shock. This drink was better, if a little too sweet. It was revolves around more around a gimmick rather than the cocktail itself.

Mikuni has great sushi, but maybe just stick to the Asahi or sake if you’re eating there. Ordering anything else is liable to spoil the rest of your meal.


The Project
The Criteria
The Bars

Food. Delicious Food.

Between my self  and Mrs. Di over 400 pictures were taken of our New York City vacation.  The vast majority of those are of museum exhibits.  Really awesome museum exhibits but the reality is that they’re not the best taken pictures, and to anyone besides us they’re just not that interesting.  That doesn’t bother me, they perfect for what they are a chronicle of our vacation.  I’m not going to plaster pictures of every little thing at the Metropolitan Museum that I thought was great here, because chances are you’re not interested as interested in Roman Egypt as I am (but you should be!)  What you will find is something that everyone is interested in:  food

Despite all the food I ate in NYC I didn’t take as many pictures of it as I should have.  You’re not going to see the delicious spicy tofu soup I had in K Town, nor the incredible spread that accompanied it.  I don’t have any pictures of the delicious doughnuts we ate at Doughnut Plant; creme brulee, apple cinnamon, vanilla bean, etc.  Also missing is all the wonderful food bought and eaten of the streets.

“So what do you have to show us already?”

The thing that I was most envious of during my trip was the sheer variety of ethnic cuisines to be found in the city!  I’m sure that you could eat at a different restaurant featuring a different food style every day of the week for the entire year.  I feel lucky living where I do, in a college town with a racially diverse population that enjoys ethnic cuisine that’s close to two major metropolitan areas but it doesn’t hold a candle to New York City…

PS – I forgot to mention the bars… There are a lot of them.  They stay open ’til four in the morning.  I only went to this one:  McSorley’s.  They have good ale.

Eugene, OR Adventure! Part 1

Last weekend (8/10-8/13) Diana and I went up to Oregon to visit her mother who lives in Eugene. It was a quick trip, the days were fairly busy, and the both of us wished we could have stayed a little longer and had a more relaxed visit. Despite this I believe we had a great time. I know I did. I’m going to put some pictures up here, don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with inane pictures. Every picture I put up is going to be great. I promise.

So let me break it down for you. Friday evening one of Diana’s friends drove us to the Sac airport, where we flew through security and then waited for the plane. The flight was uneventful. We arrived in Portland 10 minutes lates, Patty, Diana’s mom, picked us up and then there was the 2 hour drive to Eugene. We all went to bed. The next morning I got up late and was served a lovely batch of scrambled eggs with cheese and veggies and sausage, it was delicious. Then we went to Smith’s Family Bookstore, a wonderful lovely place that I could spend an eternity in. it makes the Davis equivalent look like a dung hill, though I will admit that I’ve found one or two things there. At Smith’s though I found what I was looking for and I kept finding! Oh, how I wish for unlimited funds. Let me see if I can paint a picture for you, since I don’t have any pictures of the bookstore. It’s two stories, looks like it’s an old fire station or something. The shelves go up to the ceiling, you need stools to reach the top. There are stacks of books next to these shelves, some go as high as my hip. We spend a few hours in the bookstore, but not nearly enough, could there ever be enough time? Used bookstores and libraries are amazing because it’s an adventure, a trip of discovery.

After the bookstore we walked around downtown, we looked into a a Oriental art gallery, which had nice traditional furniture. I thought the art on display was nothing to get excited over, certainly nothing to pay thousands of dollars for. I made the comment to Diana as we left that I should have kept up on my art. I wasn’t anything special either, but apparently you don’t have to be, you just need someone willing to put your work on their walls. Next was the farmer’s market where we bought a jar of organic honey that I was very excited to try out. A hunger that will forever go satiated now, the brown shirts with the TSA didn’t allow it on the plane, they just threw it away, fascists. Afterwards we went to a lingerie boutique that Diana had a gift certificate to (birthday present from her mom). I was mostly useless here, Diana did find a great bathing suit that was just her size though so that was good! We visited other stores as well, the day was spent wandering around downtown and chatting about inconsequentials. As the sun begin to set we returned to the house. That night we had a lovely dinner of roasted chicken, salad , vegetables and pie. We shared the meal with a good friend of Patty’s named Nancy, who was a good conversationalist and a dog person. Card games followed.

The next day we set off early with our cameras to visit the local college, University of Oregon, and the river (the Willamette). We visited one of the galleries at the college, mostly the gift shop. Ok, we just wandered around taking pictures of whatever stroked our fancy. I haven’t developed my film yet, but the pictures posted are ones Diana’s mom took. The river was a lot of fun, even if we just poked around and got our feet wet. The night continued with more good food and conversations, though we might have stayed up too late.

Hence us not getting up early enough. Eugene is two hours from Portland and Diana’s mom doesn’t seem to believe in speeding… We arrived 30 minutes before our flight departed. Rushed through security, where we lost several items because they weren’t in the proper plastic bags. I’d rant about the ineffectual masturbatory efforts of our government to “protect” us, but this isn’t the blog. Besides, if you have half a brain you already know it. We did make it on the the plane, and safely back here. All in all a good trip, if a little rushed, next time we’ll take it a little slower and enjoy ourselves a little more.

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