Television Watched – Wrapping up 2016

TV 2016
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Last year (link below) I commented on the very large amount of TV that I watched over the course of 2015. I said that I wanted to watch less TV and do more of other things or try and make TV a more social activity. I did watch less TV in 2016 and near the end of the year, I did begin watching it more socially with friends. I can’t say that the time I freed up not watching TV went towards more ‘useful’ projects though…

Stand outs for 2016? I’m upset there is no more Poirot for me to watch. House of Cards got weird. I want more Galavant. I need more cooking shows and Top Gear is very, very addictive. Clickthrough to see the list.

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Television Watched – Wrapping up 2015

television watched
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I watched a lot of television this year. A lot more than I’d suspect I watch if I wasn’t keeping track of this. If you wonder where all my free time went this year looking over this post should give you a good idea. Too much time spent on the couch and not enough working on projects, working out, writing, or being with friends. I’m not giving up television; that’d be insane seeing as some of the best tv ever is being made right now but, I am going to be slowing down my consumption rate or turning this into a social activity that can be down with friends.

What stands out in 2015? Supernatural is better than it has been in a long time. I know its a dumb monster hunt show but it’s a FUN dumb monster hunt and after 10 seasons I still want to know what happens to Dean and Sam Winchester. Jessica Jones tore me apart. After the Daredevil I thought I was ready for a bleaker take on Marvel’s universe but I wasn’t expecting Jessica Jones delivered. Imperfect, damaged people trying to make their way, together, in an imperfect, damaged world. Portlandia is as quirky, surreal, and delightful as it has always been Carrie Brownstein is amazing and Fred Armisen is right behind her.

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